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PR experts committed in luxury travel and spas in Singapore

Since 1994, Bacall Associates has been respected by a lot of individuals because of their professionalism and their competence. It is particularly a boutique public relations, marketing and sales support agency specializing in travel at the top end of the market.


Bacall Associates is passionate in launching and maintaining profiles for airlines, destinations, hotel groups, luxury developments, resorts and health retreats, and travel companies around the world.


Each of their incisive specialists has in-depth knowledge in the travel industry and has the ability of drawing on a wide range of media and industry contacts. Bacall Associates also brings a lifestyle advantage to their work by taking the message well beyond the travel pages to the luxury consumer.


With more than 20 years of extensive experience, Bacall Associates has garnered numerous clients worldwide, which includes aviation and infrastructure as well as some of the world’s best hotels, from independent properties to the iconic landmarks like the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.


Bacall Associates also established small niche operators in the marketplace and conceived PR strategies for major tourist boards and travel companies. It’s only natural for every company to work hard, right? But Bacall Associates always exceed the norms. Most of the reviews of their clients reveal that their services are unrivaled. They’re dedicated to achieving the specific public relations goals of their clients and driving the business at the same time.


Bacall Associates proved to the world that they have a great team. They’re passionate and ingenious individuals who can face any challenges. With their unrivaled commitment, they always exceed their clients’ expectations.


Perhaps one of the question that pops into your mind is, “What is their secret behind their success?” The answer seems so simple; they’re humble and honest, and have a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge. Those traits are also the reason behind their solid relationships not only with their clients, but also with journalists. Bacall Associates also delivers a lifestyle edge to their work to add enthusiasm to their campaigns and guarantee the reach of the right audiences for their clients. 


They are also proud to have a strong marketing edge that allows them to establish innovative concepts and initiatives that transcend, yet balance pure media placement. Bacall Associates often collaborate with upmarket brands and partners such as Aveda, Bentley, Coutts Private Banking, Gossard, Ham Polo Club, Harvey Nichols, Louis Vuitton, Moet & Chandon, Quintessentially, and Selfridges.


Bacall Associates’ integrated PR, marketing and sales campaigns are a cost effective way to build brand awareness by combining high press impact coverage in the leading UK media with regular celebrity endorsements, brand partnerships, targeted promotions and events with a real ‘wow’ factor.


They’ve played an integral role in securing several awards for their clients throughout the years, to firmly establish them as world class properties. Bacall Associates is aware of the need to produce tangible results that’s long term and can be turned into increased sales.